How does an AMAZING RESULTS! Professional Estate Agent create revenue?

Your revenue will be derived from Marketing and Selling homes 'For Sale' as well as other revenue­-generating opportunities including mortgage, conveyancing, commercial, overseas, luxury homes and sales referrals.

How does an AMAZING RESULTS! Franchise Owner create revenue?

The majority of your revenue will be derived from selling & marketing fees as well as a gross percentage of your Estate Agents’ commission and other revenue­-generating opportunities including mortgage, conveyancing, commercial, overseas, luxury homes and sales referrals. 

What do you look for in an Estate Agent?

People skills, drive and ambition.

AMAZING RESULTS!™ is a dynamic, fast-paced company but the most successful people are not necessarily extroverts; they listen, they are customer orientated, disciplined and professional.

Can I join as a Part-Time Agent?

Yes. But we don't advise it. Becoming a successful Estate Agent requires time and commitment. The more you put in the better your chances of success. Clients also demand commitment from their Estate Agent. Don’t forget you’ll most likely be selling their biggest and most important asset and so anything other than 100% commitment will not be good enough for them or for the AMAZING RESULTS!™ brand.

Why join AMAZING RESULTS!™ over another brand?

AMAZING RESULTS!™ spans the North of England and Scotland with its team of Estate Agency's most professional, most innovative Agents providing unique benefits that make it the best place to grow your Estate Agency business. We provide you with a brand that represents more than 30 years of Estate Agency excellence, a culture that attracts top performers, protected territories to give you space to grow in your market, high-value tools, training and services to keep you ahead of the competition. 

We are a company of entrepreneurs, with a national footprint that provides massive brand equity and credibility within the industry. And you have the support to establish yourself as a true expert in your community. 

Do I have to charge a set fee rate?

No, you have the ability at a local level to set the rates that you will charge clients for selling their properties and any associated fees.

How much will I earn?

That depends entirely on you. We provide the opportunity for ambitious individuals to thrive in a high commission-based environment with no limits. Income from each AMAZING RESULTS! Agent and Franchisee varies based on many variables, for example, market size, demographics, efforts made by Agents/Owners, competency and economic factors. We can put you in touch with many different AMAZING RESULTS!™ Agents and Franchisees, and you can discuss their revenue and income with them.

How much is a Franchise?

The capital investment required to start a Franchise is on average between £7,995 and £14,995 plus VAT. Each territory is different, but initial fees can be rolled into one's ongoing Agreement in some situations. In comparison, you'll find that the initial Franchise investment is often less than other major competitors’ Franchisees spend annually on just property portals like Rightmove & Zoopla alone. Investing in an AMAZING RESULTS! Franchise starts from only £7,995 plus VAT and you retain up to 90% of gross sales and 100% on other revenue­-generating opportunities with free advertising on all the leading UK's property portals.

And because the AMAZING RESULTS! Franchise operates without any requirement for High Street offices, many entrepreneurs are attracted to this unique, innovative Estate Agency model. And you'll benefit from our investment in marketing, technology, training and infrastructure giving you a powerful competitive advantage in your marketplace. We’ll help guide you in what investment, fees and financing might be right for you.

What is the investment to join AMAZING RESULTS! ?

Since our Estate Agency is a high commission-based business, to train to become a Professional Estate Agent, you'll also need enough money set aside for you to get by for a few months. Start-up fees are estimated at approximately £1,800 which includes your 5-day Estate Agency training course, mentoring programme, personal coaching, business cards, signs and advertising, insurances, marketing materials and association fees.

There are a limited number of Estate Agent opportunities in specific areas across Scotland which do not include an investment in start-up fees, but you'll still need enough money set aside for you to get by in the short-term. Professional Estate Agents retain up to 80% of gross sales commissions and 100% of other revenue­-generating opportunities. Complete the form below and find out more about how our industry-leading fee plans work for you. 

Do I need to operate from shop front premises?

No, our Professional Estate Agents and Franchisees operate from home, serviced offices or within affiliated service providers offices such as Mortgage Brokers etc. You may also operate from shared premises or integrate into an existing business in the right location.

What makes your technology better?

The AMAZING RESULTS!™ Home Buying & Selling System is a complete set of online lead capture and conversion tools and strategies including branded and less-branded websites, proven lead-generation campaigns, integrated CRM tracking and world-class Estate Agency software that will help you leverage the power of technology to automate and assist in every aspect of your Estate Agency business.

Where will my properties be advertised?

Your properties on the AMAZINGRESULTS.com will promote your homes in various ways, including:

• The UK’s leading property portals including RightmoveZooplaPrimelocation, S1 Homes … and many more

• Industry-leading cloud-based Estate Agency software Vebra Alto offering lead management, contact management, email campaigns, email broadcasts and on-demand (mobile) marketing via SMS

• Social media channels including Video Property Tours

The software we provide will help you to create property lists and mailers and we have everything you need to run a successful Estate Agency. And best of all, everything works seamlessly together, so our Agents and Franchisees only have to go to one place for all their business and marketing needs.

Do I need previous work experience?

Not necessarily. We have a thorough training programme in place which enables us to recruit individuals brand-new to Estate Agency to more experienced Agents from across the country.

How much training will I receive? 

AMAZING RESULTS! brings you world-class training designed to give you the powerful tools and strategies you need to jumpstart your career and succeed. 

The initial induction training is a 5-day training course for all new Franchisees and Professional Estate Agents will teach you everything you need to know to operate a successful Estate Agency. Everything from generating leads, creating a professional sales process, strategic target marketing, understanding legislation, IT software and client communication and documentation.

Ongoing support & training will be provided including at our seminars and we will keep you abreast of any changes in legislation or best operating practices.

Where does training take place? 

The induction training will take place at our UK Head Office in Edinburgh or at other major cities and towns across the UK.

And after training is completed, how much assistance will be available, and will that cost more?

Assistance is available for as long as you need it. There is no additional cost for this valuable training and on-going support. We also have an award-winning customer support team that performs above the industry standard, answering all your calls from initial property enquiries 8am-8pm, 7 days a week. 

Can I employ people to work for me?

Yes, as a Franchisee or Professional Estate Agent you can employ staff or choose to engage people on a self-employed basis. We can work alongside you when you are recruiting, training and retaining Estate Agents and staff. 

Do I get an exclusive territory as a Professional Estate Agent or Franchise Owner?

Yes. You will be granted a Protected Territory. Your local representative can discuss with you how AMAZING RESULTS!™ implements its territory development.

Can I own a Franchise after being an Agent?

Yes. Many successful Estate Agents go on to own their own Franchise. At AMAZING RESULTS!™ we love success stories and there’s no reason why you can’t become a successful Franchise Owner.

Do I get an Operations Manual?

When you become a Franchisee, you will be granted access to our game-changing operations manual - SUCCESS! This is a web-based programme for Franchisees that is regularly updated with new information. It contains hundreds of topics designed to help you launch and operate an AMAZING RESULTS!™ Estate Agency Franchise.

Are there benefits to owning more than one Franchise?

Most definitely yes. Most Franchisees quickly realise the potential of owning more than one AMAZING RESULTS! Franchise and will start to consider the idea of owning several Protected Territories. 

Will I get to run my business the way I want?

We know the Agents & Franchise Owners in our network are the local experts in their market. The professionals at their client's side. The AMAZING RESULTS!™ brand as a whole supports your autonomy, so you can make the business decisions that make the most sense for your market and connects you with business partners at discounted costs to help you do it efficiently.

Are you recruiting now?

Yes. We are a fast-growing company with an ambitious expansion plan so we are always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our team and in our success.

Where can I learn more?

Fill out the contact form on this page and we’ll get you on your way to learning more about becoming an AMAZING RESULTS!™ Professional Estate Agent or Franchise Owner.

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